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Adopt a Cabin

A sustainability initiative of Lazy W Ranch

84% of Lazy W guests stay overnight.


When our guests are here at camp, they are building communities in Christ, seeking understanding and connection with God, and experiencing creation.

We know how important it is for facilities to be well maintained, to allow people to fully engage with their purpose. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Adopt a cabin as an individual, with your church, church group, organization, or family.

  2. This commitment involves a yearly donation of funds that will support your adopted cabin.

  3. Additionally, adopting groups are highly encouraged to come out annually and assist with projects.



With an average of over 12,000 guests and 300 days of usage per year, a lot of people stay in our cabins. If you love coming to camp, you are not alone! Together, we can maintain and improve our facilities for you, your children, and your neighbors.

What needs to be done?

Our cabins have been a defining fixture of Lazy W for a long time. After years of service, a variety of improvements and upgrades are needed:

  • Replace outdated windows with storm-windows

  • Replace non-sealing doors

  • Purchase new, thicker mattresses

  • Paint over interior wooden paneling

  • Replace fabricated bunk beds with professionally made bunks

  • Replace and repaint exterior siding with fire-proof, and woodpecker-proof,  material

  • Repair exterior stonework

  • Cover concrete floors with fabricated flooring

  • And many more!

How will my group benefit?

Your cabin will be adorned with a plaque of appreciation with your group name. We also honor all adopters on the camp website.

Additionally, your group now has a service project to take pride and ownership in. The act of doing service together is a powerful way to share ministry. Valuable work is being done while your group is building bonds of community. If you feel like Lazy W Ranch has provided you with positive experiences, this is your chance to give back

Multiple Ways To Be Involved

  1. Adopt a cabin with funds currently available through your church

  2. Work together as a team to raise the funds for your adoption

  3. Attend one or both camp work weekends. (December weekend exclusively for adopters)

  4. Tackle advanced projects for group members with special skills

To adopt a cabin of your very own, contact the camp office today!

The Adopters Commitment

Standard Adoption

$1,200, or $100 per month- 1 year adoption.  To maintain adoption at this level, adopters must renew annually.


Priority Adoption

$4,000- 3 year adoption. This adoption level allows Lazy W to start and complete multiple projects at once.  Camp will prioritize work in your cabin, because we already have funds in hand.

Lifetime Adoption

A gift of $15,000 results in a lifetime adoption. This donation allows your cabin to be fully refurnished.


There are two weekends per year set aside for adopters to participate in camp improvements. Adopter’s weekend takes place every December, exclusively for cabin adopters. Camp Service Day takes place the Saturday before Mother’s Day each Spring.

Lazy W will purchase materials and provide basic tools. If you want to help with more advanced projects, we may require you to bring specialized tools.

I'm ready to discuss adoption!

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