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Food Service Manager

      Food Service at Lazy W features:​

  • Cafeteria style meals for retreats

  • Rectangle tables seating 8

  • Chef's choice menu. 

  • Soup and salad bar with lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast bar with yogurt, fruit and cereals at breakfast

  • Fruit bowl and coffee available for the duration of your event 

  • Meals as early as 7:30 am and as late as 6:00 pm

Kitchen Cook

Sit back, relax and let us do the cooking for you!

Lazy W Ranch exceeds all food preparation standards. We’re committed to preparing wholesome, kid-friendly meals with high-quality ingredients and healthy options, including fresh produce from our own organic garden. Our kitchen consistently receives the highest inspection scores and all cooks have a Food Handler Certificate. Our kitchen staff is thoroughly trained on proper food prep and cleanliness standards.



What’s Cookin’??


Rise & shine, It's French Toast and Sausage. Plus there’s always oatmeal & breakfast bar!


Corndog Nuggets and Mac n' Cheese, soup, and salad bar. This favorite is always a crowd-pleaser.


BBQ Chicken, rice pilaf, Cornbread, veg, soup & salad bar.  What’s not to love about BBQ?


Need a refreshing beverage? We’ve got you covered.

greek salad.JPG


Even fussy eaters will be happy to eat at Lazy W Ranch! We plan the menu for each meal with the age of our youth campers in mind, offering delicious food while accommodating food allergies and dietary restrictions. Looking for healthy alternatives?  Offerings include yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast, soup and an extensive salad bar at lunch and dinner, and fruit at every meal.

chx parm.JPG

Still Have Questions?


The Food Service Manager works closely with our food supplier to source ingredients that are fresh, in-season, and of good market value in order to provide you with the best quality ingredients.   

NOTE: Lazy W Ranch kitchen does not prepare or serve any items containing tree nuts or peanuts as ingredients. To ensure the safety of all guests, please do not bring in snacks or foods containing tree nuts or peanuts. 

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