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Retreat Policies & Procedures 

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are accepted on a first call, first reserve basis.   Reservations may be made up to one year in advance of the scheduled departure date.  Cal Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries rents to non-profit groups of religious, hospital, scientific or charitable purposes. You may be asked to submit a copy of your 501 ( c ) ( 3 ). If you are not familiar with a campsite, you are encouraged to arrange a tour with the site management, before your reservation is made, in order to ensure that your program can be accommodated. 


RATES: The rates and facilities listings are accurate at the time of publication.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  Please confirm the rate and availability with the campsite office at the time you make your reservation.   


MINIMUMS: Each area of each facility carries an occupancy minimum guarantee (based on the area rented, not your group size) identified on your contract.  This applies to the ENTIRE RENTAL PERIOD, and is the number of persons, regardless of age, required to pay the FULL PERIOD RATE. Your final invoice will not be less than the minimum guarantee multiplied by the full period rate. 


SIGNED CONTRACT: The rental contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the organization renting the facilities. By signing the contract, the group agrees to adhere to all policies and procedures as presented in this policy document.  


WAIVER, RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION: A Waiver, Release and Indemnification form (enclosed) is required to be turned in upon check in. Each guest must turn in a completed form before they participate in any of the activities at the site. A completed form must be turned in for each visit to the site.


INSURANCE: A Certificate of Liability provided by your insurance company with a minimum limit of 
$1,000,000.00 per occurrence, and listing the California-Pacific Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church as an additional named insured must be submitted prior to the beginning of the event.  No insurance certificate of liability is necessary for camps sponsored by churches, boards, agencies, and districts of the Cal Pac Annual Conference, unless the group is not covered by Conference blanket policy. An alternate Waiver of Liability can be submitted in the event that all participants in camp are over the age of 18 or the 
parent/guardian, of any participant under the age of 18, is present during the entire event.  


DEPOSITS: A deposit of 25% of the minimum guarantee is required in order to reserve a site.  Deposits are due 14 days from the date the reservation is made.  Overdue deposits could result in the release of your reserved dates.  The deposit will be deducted from the total due during calculation of your bill at the site.  Deposits cannot be adjusted if services are reduced.  Refunds of deposits will not be made due to weather, road or other conditions unless, in the sole opinion of the site management, the site is inaccessible or unusable. 


Individual Groups (ie: Weddings/Family Reunions/Etc)
For groups that are unable to supply a tax ID number. A deposit of 25% of the minimum guarantee is required 14 days from the date of reservation. The balance of the minimum guarantee is required 30 days prior to the reservation date.  Additional charges incurred during your stay are due upon check-out. Deposits cannot be adjusted if services are reduced.
**All Individual Group deposits are non-refundable.**

PAYMENT: The total payment, minus the deposit paid is due upon check out. Total payment will be based on the greater of, the minimum guarantee, final count turned in by group or the actual number of guests. Interest charges, not in excess of those allowed by law, will be charged on all past due accounts.  Additional charges incurred during your stay are due within two weeks of your retreat stay.  
Please mail payments to Lazy W Ranch at PO Box 579, San Juan Capistrano CA 92693 or credit card payments can be made via  


CANCELLATIONS/CHANGE OF DATES: Should you find it necessary to cancel, you must call the campsite directly.  If you cancel 90 or more days in advance of your scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be returned minus a 10% or $50 (the greater of the two) administrative charge.   
If you cancel 89 days in advance of your scheduled arrival date, no portion of your deposit will be returned. 

*    If you are staying 3 nights or more and cancel 45 days in advance of your scheduled arrival date you will be charged the minimum guarantee.
*    If you are staying 2 nights or less and cancel 30 days in advance of your scheduled arrival date you will be charged the minimum guarantee.
Failure to call and cancel your reservation will result in full minimum due charges and possible additional charges for food and services that may have already been purchased.



REDUCTION OF SERVICES: Should you find it necessary to reduce the services included on your reservation (for example from exclusive use to shared use, or from meal service to self-cooking), no fee will be charged if done 90 or more days in advance of your scheduled arrival date.  
If services are reduced 89 to 14 days in advance of your arrival date, a surcharge (25% of the difference between the minimum guarantees of the original and amended reservations) will be charged in addition to a $50 administrative fee. Groups may not reduce their services less than 14 days in advance of their arrival date. 


INCREASING OF SERVICES: Should you change your reservation to reflect any increase any services, including but not limited too: adding meals, scheduling recreational activities, early-arrival/late departure your group is responsible for the additional cost added to your final invoice.  


DAMAGES/CLEANING: Damaged or missing property will be charged to the group.  Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries is not responsible for lost or damaged vehicles, personal equipment or belongings. If excessive cleaning is necessary, cleaning fees will be charged to the group. A revised invoice will be sent if damages or excessive cleaning needs are found after the group departs from camp. 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries shall keep and maintain the facilities in good repair.  Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries shall provide beds and mattresses in the cabins.

Site management reserves the right to remove from the facility any person(s) who, in the sole opinion of the management, is/are creating a disturbance or who are otherwise disrupting activities in camp. 


The management reserves the right to designate the facilities available to the group. 


The management reserves the right to regulate the use of music and sound equipment. 


The California-Pacific Annual Conference agrees to permit the user to use, on the terms and conditions herein set forth, those premises designated as United Methodist camp or retreat center in the rental agreement, together with all the improvements located there, except such improvements as Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries may exempt from the terms of the rental agreement.  The site management shall notify the user upon arrival which improvements, if any, are exempted from the terms of the rental agreement. 


Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard for race, color, national origin, age, sex, handicap, or geographic location. 

Campsite Information (Please read carefully) 

SUPERVISION: User agrees to supervise and to assume control and responsibility for all persons (other than site staff) who are, for any reason, on the facility by reason of the user’s program or use of the facility and shall hold the camp, Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries and the conference harmless from any liability arising there-from, except to the extent attributable to negligence by the camp, Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries and the conference.   There may be natural hazards at the sites.  These may include poison oak, rattlesnakes and other wildlife.  The user agrees to inform campers of any potential hazards.  Campers should wear shoes at camp. 


CAMP SECURITY: In the event of an unauthorized guest, please report the sighting to a staff person. If possible, while keeping your safety as the utmost priority, make note of the person’s appearance, what type of vehicle they may be driving and their general countenance.  


RENTAL AREA: The number of cabins available to your group depends upon the size and configuration of the group.  There will be a charge made for additional cabins requested by the group. 


ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: Arrival time is 4:00 p.m. or later.  Departure time is 2:00 p.m. or earlier.  Arrangements for arrival or departure times other than these must be made with the site management prior to arrival and could result in additional charges.  


CHECK-IN: The group leader should be the first to arrive and should check in with the management in order to receive lodging assignments and any other special information.

CHECK-OUT: The group leader should submit the final numbers to the site management team at the end of the visit and submit payment for your visit and receive your final invoice. Final invoice will reflect either your minimum guarantee, the final occupancy count provided 14 days prior, or the total number of participants—whichever is greater.  


MEAL SERVICE: The camp shall provide meals as specified on the rental agreement.  A final occupancy countmust be provided by the group at least 14 working days in advance of the group’s arrival date.  Food will be purchased and meals prepared in accordance with the final occupancy count.  User group agrees to assist in the dining room maintenance and routine under the direction of the site staff. 


SELF COOKING: Groups doing their own cooking are responsible for bringing dishwashing supplies in addition to food supplies.  Groups preparing their own meals assume all responsibility for any and all such food prepared during the term of the rental agreement, and shall hold the camp, Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries and the Conference harmless from any liability arising there-from.  Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries shall provide dishes and cooking utensils in kitchen facilities.  Groups are advised to use single-service plates, cups and utensils when practical.  The user groups agree to leave the kitchen and other facilities as clean and orderly upon departure as it was upon arrival. **Self Cooking is not available at all facilities and must be written into the contract prior to arrival. 


BEDDING: Guests are responsible for bringing their own bedding and other personal items.  


POOL USE: Swimming pools are generally available from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, weather and maintenance permitting.  Availability at other times is at the discretion of the camp management, and is subject to change. 

Lifeguards are available, at a nominal charge, but availability cannot be guaranteed.  Use of the pool will NOT be permitted without properly certified camp staff guarding each swimming activity to be arranged with the group and the site management.  Retreat groups are required to have at least one adult (18 years old or older) who is present to assist guarding staff if the need arises. That adult will be briefed in their role prior to swimmers entering the pool.   


ACTIVITIES: Camp only supervises pool activities, archery, and challenge course activities, where available; user groups are responsible for supervision at all other recreational activities.  Activities not listed under each site need to be contractually agreed upon and approved by the site management. 


PHONES/WIFI: Camp phones are available for emergency purposes.  All other camp phone usage should be approved by the site management. Cell phone coverage is available at some of the sites.  Wifi is available at most of the campsites.  Wifi usage may be limited at each site due to bandwidth and remote internet access. Rules and use of Wifi should be discussed with the site management. Abuse of the rules and usage could result in additional charges. Passwords can be obtained from the site management.  

RESTRICTIONS: Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, marijuana and illegal drugs are not permitted.  Possession or use of these items by anyone in the group will result in removal from the camp without refund.  Special permission may be secured for the use of wine for religious ceremonies.  Visitors and guests are not permitted to bring pets, registered care animals exempted.  All personal sports equipment must be stored and handled safely for the protection of all individuals. All national forest laws are in effect on the roads into camp, within the camp boundaries, and on trails out of camp.  Speed limit within camp boundaries is 10MPH unless otherwise posted. Hunting, fireworks, firearms, ammunition and explosives are prohibited.  The use of gasoline, flammables, poisonous substances, and hand and power tools is restricted.  Prior authorization from the site director must be obtained. 


FIRES: No fires may be built in camp without the permission of the site management. Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries and user groups are subject to and must comply with orders of appropriate fire control officials.  Removal of or tampering with fire or safety equipment is against the law and is prohibited.

Camp Director Information (Please read carefully) 

STAFF RATIO: User groups shall provide leadership and staffing of a minimum of:  one adult (over the age of 18) for every 10 senior-high aged campers;  one adult for every 8 junior-high / middle school aged campers; and one adult for every 6 elementary school aged campers; one adult for  every 5 campers under the age of 5. This insures the proper supervision and safety of guests.  User groups are advised to follow ACA ratios in staffing and leadership, but not to be less than the Cal-Pac Camp and Retreat Ministries ratio.  At least 80%
(100% for camps primarily serving persons with special needs) of the staff to be 18 years or older and all staff are at least 16 years of age and at least three years older than the minors with whom they are working. For camps primarily serving persons with special needs, it is advised that 100% of the staff are 18 years of age or older.


1:1 CAMPER-TO-STAFF INTERACTIONS: Retreat groups are advised to provide training to all staff members to minimize the potential of any rental group staffer being in a one-on-one camper-personnel situation when out of sight of others.  


REPORTING: The User group should report all accidents, incidents, illness and injuries to site management immediately.  All guests are covered under the site’s accident insurance policy.  Details, including exclusions and limits, are available from the site management. 


STAFF SCREENING: Cal Pac Camps recommends that all staff over the age of 18, working with minors:

a)    be background checked by the user group annually; and
b)    be checked against the National Sex Offender Public Website annually.

Health Services Information (Please read carefully) 

HEALTH SERVICES: The campsite does not provide health services.   User groups are responsible for all first aid care.  To be in compliance with the State of California and the American Camp Association standards we ask groups to be responsible for bringing first aid supplies and a person certified in First Aid and CPR. 


HEALTH RECORDS: Please be advised that you should compile and bring to your event the following information: 

1.    Name and address of all participants
2.    Emergency contact names and phone numbers
3.    A listing of any persons with known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment restrictions or other accommodation while on site.
4.    For minors signed permission to seek emergency treatment or a signed release waiver.

EMERGENCY TRANSPORT: The site does not provide emergency transportation.  Emergency transportation by Emergency Medical Services is provided by accessing 911. Any non-emergency transportation must be provided by the user group.  

Supplemental Campsite Policies (for groups staying 5 or more days).

(a) “Organized camp” means a site with program and facilities established for the primary purposes of providing an outdoor group living experience with social, spiritual, education, or recreational objectives, for five days or more during one or more seasons of the year.  California Health and Safety Code (Division 13, Part 2.3, Camps) 18897 Organized Camp.

Because your activity falls within the definition of “Organized Camp” as defined by the California Health and Safety Code, the policies contained on this insert apply to your organization during your use of your contracted campsite. 

Supplemental Camp Director Information (Please read carefully) 

CAMP DIRECTOR: “Director” means a person who is responsible for day-to-day decision making and supervision of the camp/retreat program and staff meeting the requirements of Section 30751 (a). When campers are present, every camp shall have a Director at the camp in charge who is at least 25 years of age and has at least two seasons of administrative or supervisory experience in camp activities.  The director shall provide staff for the care, protection, and supervision of the campers.   


BACKGROUND CHECKS: The Program Director and all camp counselors shall not have direct unsupervised contact with campers without first obtaining a satisfactory criminal history record check from the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification, or U.S Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry, and a voluntary disclosure statement that contains the same information as the Staff Screening standard of the Accreditation Standards for Camp programs and Services, American Camp Association. 

Supplemental Health Services Information (Please read carefully) 

HEALTH SUPERVISOR: There shall be a full-time adult Health Supervisor charged with health supervision at the camp when campers are present.  
“Health Supervisor” means a person who is either a physician, registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse who is licensed pursuant to Division 2 of the Business and professions Code or a person who is trained in accordance with section 1596.866 of the Health and Safety Code. 


FIRST AID: The health Supervisor shall verify that all counselors have been trained in the principles of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation 


HEALTH HISTORY: Every camper and each staff member entering camp shall furnish a health history of his or her health status that is completed and signed by the individual camper or staff member, or by the parent or guardian if the camper or staff member is under the age of 18.  This history shall be kept on-site as long as the camper or staff member is at camp and shall include the following:

1.    A description of any health condition requiring medication, treatment, special restriction or consideration while at camp,
2.    A record of immunizations including date of the last tetanus shot,
3.    A record of any allergies.

 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT: A signed statement by a parent or guardian to seek emergency medicaltreatment shall be provided for each staff member or camper.  The local health officer, when necessary for the protection of the health of campers and staff members, may require special inoculations and testing for each camper and staff member entering camp. 


HEALTH: “Health Screening” means an examination to identify observable evidence of illness, injury, or communicable disease; to review and update each person’s health history; and to identify current medical treatment (including medication), allergies or dietetic restrictions. 
Health screening shall be conducted under the supervision of the Health Supervisor by qualified staff that meet the requirements of section 30700 (f) for:

1.    All staff prior to the arrival of campers; and
2.    All camper under the age of 18 who are unaccompanied by a parent or guardian within 24 hours of arrival at camp.

MEDICAL LOGBOOK: A medical logbook shall be maintained by the Health Supervisor which includes at least the following information for each accident, injury or illness: 

1.    Name of the person treated;
2.    Dosage and intervals of any medication dispensed;
3.    First aid or medical treatment rendered;
4.    Condition of patient following treatment;
5.    Name of the person administering the first aid or medical treatment;
6.    Date and time of treatment;
7.    Date parent/guardian notified of accident, illness or injury; and
8.    Follow up treatment

MEDICATIONS: All medication brought to camp by campers that needs to be dispensed by the Health Supervisor or qualified staff that meet the requirements of section 30700 (f) shall be: 

1.    In the original container and labeled in accordance with California Health and Safety Code, Division 104, Part 5, Chapter 6 Article 3, commencing with section 11330, or
2.    Stored in a locked container when unattended by the Health Supervisor.

HEALTH CARE PLAN: A written health care plan developed and maintained by the Health Supervisor shall be used at the camp.  The health plan shall include: 

1.    The responsibilities and authority of the Health Supervisor and other qualified health staff meeting the requirements of section 30700 (f) that provide health care including first aid.
2.    The procedures for camp health care and sanitation,
3.    A record keeping process,
4.    A plan for provision and maintenance of supplies and equipment, and
5.    The relationships and agreements with local medical personnel, hospitals, and providers of emergency care and other emergency care providers, and
6.    A plan to prevent and control the spread of pandemic flu or other communicable diseases among campers.
7.    The Health Supervisors or the site operator shall report all occurrences of food borne illness, suspected food borne illness, or any other reportable disease as required by California Code of Regulations Title17, section 2500(b) promptly to the local health officer for the camp location.

8. If a physician is not on site when campers are present, arrangements shall be made for a physician to be available on an on-call basis.  An infirmary (tentage or shelter), with provision for isolating patients shall be provided. Advanced arrangements shall be made for the immediate removal of seriously sick or injured campers or staff members to a point of adequate medical care, on recommendation of a physician.  

Note:  Authority cited: Sections 18897.2, 131050, and 131200, Health and Safety Code.  Reference:  Sections 18897.2 Health and Safety Code. 

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